Internal product development is identified and recognised

Wolf Group|Krimelte has contributed to product and tool design development for years, in order to add value to the joint fillers and building adhesives developed by the company.

In 2011, Krimelte received the Design Applier 2011 award from Enterprise Estonia, the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Estonian Employers’ Confederation. The recognition was for an internationally patented applicator developed for PENOSIL EasyGun foam. Building foam applied by a foam gun or straw applicator usually has variances in the structure or yield. However, the EasyGun foam can boast uncompromised quality and can be successfully used with a special applicator.

In 2018, the spatula provided with the sealants of the PENOSIL EasyPRO range reached the final round of best engineering design at the Bruno Product Design Award from the Estonian Association of Designers. The challenge for the spatula was to combine industrial production, functional design, ergonomics and the best possible user experience. Of original design creations, economic success can also be expected from the newest achievement of production technology: PENOSIL EasySpray insulation foam with a special spray nozzle (product in the photo, read more about the product here).

As Wolf Group|Krimelte consistently applies strategic design, Enterprise Estonia asked Tiit Arro, the Marketing Director of Wolf Group|Krimelte, to join the jury of their product development programme “Design Master Class”. The main goal of the jury consisting of 6 members was to evaluate the potential, ideas, prototype and activities of the work done by the participating companies in six months. The participants in the programme were both Estonian and top global performers, including Elkdata, Radis, Sarkop, Thermory and Creditinfo Eesti, among others. The 10,000 euro prize for developing their product development ideas was awarded to Factory Seven OÜ. It is a company specialising in ventilation products, which created an original design, good functionality and a modular kitchen hood with LED lighting under the programme. “Factory Seven clearly showed how important customer interviews and one-to-one communication were for product development in order to achieve the best user experience,” Tiit Arro said, in highlighting the advantages of the winner. “Their presentation was highly engaging and expanded my perspective as a member of the jury, as well as confirmed my current beliefs. The case study of furniture producer Radis from Germany was also interesting and made every jury member consider whether it was easy to contact the company they worked for in order to place an order,” Arro admits.

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