Jaan Puusaag: “To be innovative, you must have the resource to fail.”

Tehnopol, the largest science and business campus in the Baltics, launched the Innovation Leaders Club in cooperation with SEB Bank, the aim of which is to unite innovators in one community, support the transfer of open innovation and increase the ability to manage change in Estonian companies.

At the Innovation Leaders Club webinar, where the President of the Republic of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid, the founder of Testlio, CTO Kristel Kruustük, and the founder and board member of Krimelte Jaan Puusaag introduced the concept. The participants of the webinar addressed the issue of cooperation between the old and the new economy in the context of the new economic environment and opportunities and discussed whether the cooperation between large companies and start-ups would lead to the expected transfer of innovation during an industrial revolution. “The goal of the Innovation Leaders Club is to bring our” new “and” old “economies closer together. In quotation marks, because it actually cannot be so easily determined that the manufacturer of construction foam is an old model and some “app” is a completely new model. However, the macro picture shows that our companies still have some room for improvement in the use of innovation and technologies, even compared to the Nordic countries, and the main challenge is to find these shortcomings visible in the big picture within each company,” the President of the Republic of Estonia commented yesterday’s meeting.

Krimelte is committed to improving people’s quality of life by providing safe, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly construction solutions. Last year, Europe’s first low isocyanate monomer sprayable insulation foam developed by collaboration with chemists and product designers was launched. In a competitive field, value-added products must be offered to the customers, and in addition to special product recipes, Krimelte has also developed various patented tool models. The latter examples relate to the aforementioned foam, where the product is accompanied by a nozzle to be attached to the foam gun, which allows to insulate uneven or hard-to-reach surfaces, where traditional insulation materials cannot be used. Also the EasyPRO spatula, which was recognized by the Estonian Association of Designers a few years ago, the patented tool for smoothening sealant joint.

Keeping pace with digitalization has been one of Krimelte’s strategic directions for many years. The introduction of integrated business software, the introduction of cloud-based production solutions, and the modernization of sales support and communication channels among Wolf Group companies are important examples to be highlighted in the structure of this organization.

Krimelte belongs to the Wolf Group, which unites all its products, brands, production, and sales companies in Estonia and abroad.

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