The project ‘Krimelte OÜ resource efficiency investment’ has been awarded European Regional Development Fund aid

Project summary in brief:

As part of the investment, Krimelte OÜ is to acquire a new joint sealants cartridge mould, while the process of placing protective gloves into caps of construction foam cans will be automated, and a substation is to be rebuilt. Krimelte OÜ will boost its production effectiveness levels by reducing its use of energy and raw materials thanks to the utilisation of new forms of technology. Electricity consumption will drop by one percent, and payment costs for reactive energy will disappear. Additionally, the company will reduce its volume of purchased cartridges and will produce more of these by its own means.

Project goal and desired outcome:

The project’s goal is to install a new and more sustainable unit to replace its current cartridge mould, while also automating the placement of gloves and reducing the consumption of reactive energy and electrical power. The project will result in reduced levels of scrap, thereby cutting down on the use of raw materials for each production unit. Furthermore, the commissioning of new units will serve to lower electricity consumption levels, as the new equipment will help to boost power efficiency levels. In addition to this, the costs involved in the use of reactive energy will be eliminated.

Aid amount (EUR): 192,500.00

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