Krimelte’s birthday brought a big donation

Krimelte celebrated its 25th anniversary with a grand jubilee gala on November 15 at the Noblessner Foundry, where Krimelte employees, customers, suppliers, and partners where thanked. As part of this, Krimelte gave congratulations and the opportunity to make a donation to the Good Deed Foundation instead of giving a gift.

Furthering the advancement of society has always been at the heart of Krimelte’s sponsorship. Through the years, we have supported children with learning difficulties and health problems via several strong international initiatives.

Since 2011, we have supported the work of the Good Deed Foundation in initiatives that have a widespread impact. The Good Deed Foundation has initiated several programmes that improve the welfare of children and families by contributing to the quality of education, helping to reduce bullying at schools, or providing life skills to young people through football.

In total, the lucky congratulators contributed 16,788 euros to the foundation. Many thanks to all the kind congratulators!

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