Krimelte team participated in a grand football tournament

A Company Football 2018 tournament was held in the A. Le Coq football arena on the last Saturday of August. Also, a 12-member Krimelte team participated in the tight competition of large number of teams, sharing 33th-53th place. According to the team leader Janno Vilba, the mood of the team was very positive and the results of the first occurrence are satisfactory. Now, after the team has been formed, the company is ready to participate also in the next competitions. Even our good colleagues from Penosil Estonia, who introduced the Penosil products in the Companies’ Street, were present at the event.

The tournament was arranged in order to celebrate the centennial of the Republic of Estonia and the goal was to offer a fun get-together through exciting football games. The total number of players participating in the football tournament was 523, and altogether 171 engaging football matches were held. The tournament involved 53 men’s and 11 women’s teams.

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