Penosil Eesti OÜ joined Krimelte OÜ

On 2 November, Penosil Eesti OÜ as the wholesale supplier of construction foams and joint sealants merged with Krimelte OÜ and will bear the name of Krimelte OÜ from now on. The Latvian and Lithuanian sales companies that belonged to Penosil Eesti OÜ also became subsidiaries of Krimelte OÜ after the consolidation. This merger will simplify and strengthen the management of Wolf Group’s companies and boost their international development.

The domestic market’s sales unit of Krimelte OÜ will continue its operations with the current team. Both the contact details and the address of the sales office – Suur-Paala 6, Tallinn – will remain the same. All contracts with Penosil Eesti OÜ are valid in their current form and will be transferred to Krimelte OÜ automatically. The aim of the domestic market’s sales unit of Krimelte OÜ is to provide its customers and end-users with premium products and customer service.

The Estonian company Krimelte OÜ is the leading European manufacturer of construction chemistry, with a product range that includes construction foams, joint sealants, adhesives, sealing materials and various surface treatment and cleaning products. The company is active since 1994 and its constantly expanding export market currently consists of more than 70 countries. Krimelte is part of Wolf Group, which combines all of its products, trademarks and manufacturing and sales companies operating abroad under a single umbrella brand. The main product brands of Wolf Group are Penosil and Olivé.

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