Quality and environmental policy

Environmental Policy

• We take into account the hazardous nature of our production processes and its impact on the surrounding environment, and undertake to minimize the risks to ensure the safety of our employees and environment protection.
• We utilize raw materials, energy and natural resources efficiently, and recycle a considerable part of the materials.
• We prefer nature friendly materials in planning new products and processes.
• We follow in our activities the legislative requirements and other agreements related to the environmental aspects of the company’s activities.

The same principles are followed in cooperation with our suppliers and cooperation partners. The priority of our each employee is to ensure quality and environment protection. We will keep our leading position among the world manufacturers of construction foams and joint sealants by following our quality and environmental policy, setting new goals and reaching them.

Quality Policy

• We proceed in all of our activities from our customers’ needs and expectations.
This is the basis for our strategy of developing the company’s profitability and activities.
• Our products meet the specified requirements as well as the customers’ expectations.
• Our aim is to avoid faults and improve our processes and products.
• We create a stimulating work environment and a competitive company by being dedicated and developing competences.