Safety policy

Krimelte OÜ is engaged in developing, manufacturing, and selling of one-component polyurethane foams, sealants, construction chemicals, plastic molding products, and sealing materials. We use a variety of materials, semi-finished products, and chemicals to make our products.

In the production process, we use among others explosive liquefied gases, which are stored and handled in accordance with all safety requirements. In connection with the use of explosive liquefied gases, Krimelte OÜ is a Category A enterprise liable to be affected by a major accident. Documents required under the Chemicals Act have been submitted to the competent authorities.

Information on the date of the last on-site public oversight inspection can be found on the Estonian Rescue Board’s website ( and detailed information on the last oversight inspection plan and further information can be obtained from the competent authorities: Estonian Rescue Board (, general phone: 628 2000) and Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority (, general phone: 667 2000).


The use of a mixture of liquefied gases (propane, isobutane, dimethyl ether, and 1,1-difluoroethane (R-152a), all with F + danger symbol) with air is explosive. A major accident can occur if there is a major gas leak and a simultaneous ignition source or in the event of a gas vehicle accident.

Table 1. List of the most hazardous chemicals (liquefied gases), based on risk assessment.

NB! A list of the remaining hazardous chemicals is available in the Safety Report and Risk Assessment Summary.

Nature of the dangers and extent of the danger zones

The main danger in the case of fire is high temperature, smoke, and toxic gases. In the case of the BLEVE gas truck, the main risk factor is heat radiation, people can be burned, and buildings can be damaged. The danger zone is 382 meters.

Table 2. Krimelte OÜ danger zone

Measures to be taken to limit the consequences, including a list of remedies and resources:

Regular maintenance of technical assemblies and equipment is carried out in the facility. The facility has developed safety guidance material (including an Emergency Plan) to provide safety and response training to the facility and its service personnel as well as site users.

To eliminate leaks: absorbent, oil trap, booms.

To extinguish a fire: sprinkler system and water hydrants, powder fire extinguishers and CO extinguishers.

To ensure safety: fenced area, personal protective equipment, 24h G4S manned, and technical (video) guard, threat siren (notification).

KRIMELTE DANGER ZONES (short term heat radiation)

  • Danger zone (8 kW/m2) – 382 m
  • High danger zone (10 kW/2) – 342 m
  • Extreme danger zone (25 kW/2) – 210 m
  • Zone endangering buildings (37 kW/2) – 162 m


A major accident is notified by an intermittent audible siren for 60 seconds with 30-sec interval This cycle is repeated. Information is also provided by telephone to the Estonian Rescue Board, the Consumer Protection and Technical Surveillance Authority, the local government, and neighbouring companies. We encourage you to follow the news in the media and on our website at

Meanings of siren signals:

1. Alarm. A chemical accident or explosion hazard has occurred in the company. The siren is turned on for 60 seconds, then off for 30 seconds. This cycle is repeated.

2. End of alarm. The danger has passed. The siren is turned on for 60 seconds.

3. Control. The siren is turned on for up to 7 seconds.

Instructions for hearing the siren:

  • when outside, move perpendicularly to the wind direction, away from the danger zone;
  • if possible, go indoors and stay there;
  • close windows, doors, vents, and ventilation;
  • close doors and windows while in the car and switch off ventilation;
  • listen to Vikerraadio 104.1 MHz, watch Estonian Television, and follow the instructions. You can also get information at and at the rescue hotline 1524;
  • in case of unfamiliar odours, keep wet towels in front of your mouth and nose and go upstairs as toxic, heavier-than-air gases accumulate downwards;
  • do not use the phone unnecessarily;
  • when hearing a siren inform your neighbours thereof;
  • in the event of an accident, always follow the Rescue Board’s instructions for dealing with emergencies.

Krimelte OÜ collaborates with the Estonian Rescue Board to ensure necessary action in the event of a major accident and to minimize the consequences of the accident.

A rescue plan has been drawn up by the Northern Rescue Centre to cope with all the consequences of an accident outside the facility.

Detailed information:

Production Director: Ivo Laan


tel.: +372 6059 300  

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