Wolf Group | Krimelte OÜ launched a new website

Wolf Group | Krimelte OÜ is keeping up with the winds of change. A new structure and updated design have been unveiled for its website www.wolfgroupweb.com.  

It is Wolf Group | Krimelte OÜ’s (WG) ambition to grow in tandem with the innovations in industrial and product development, and to continue to operate as one of the leading producers of construction chemical products and materials in Europe. For this reason, WG has defined keeping up with current developments as one of its objectives, and this also provided the impulse for development of a new website. The new website shall be deployed in stages – currently, the English part of the website has been made available, and soon we shall unveil the Estonian, Russian and Spanish sites.

This year, we have seen also other major changes. Less than a month ago, the Intranet of the WG was completed, which offers better functions for enabling the transfer of information between different WG function units and the companies.

WG is an international company that sells and manufactures energy-efficient joint sealants and construction adhesives and brings together factories in Estonia, Spain, Russia and Brazil. WG’s products are mainly marketed under the Penosil, Olivé and Tempsi brands. WG’s sales network ranges from the United States to New Zealand, from Norway to South Africa and from Brazil to Japan.

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