Wolf Group participates in the Industry 4.0 Working Group

From 2018, Tehnopol, an enterprise that provides business services for technology-based start-up entrepreneurs and growing companies, will launch Industry 4.0 Idea Days and hackathons – marathon brainstorming sessions – requested by Enterprise Estonia (EAS). To set the focus of the events and screen out the burning issues of the industrial sector, Tehnopol convened a meeting with the representatives from the focus group of industrial companies, professional associations of manufacturing enterprises, research and educational institutes and interest groups.

Wolf Group/Krimelte was represented by Tiit Arro, its Business Development and Marketing Director. The priority topic of the meeting was procurement logistics or the logistics from an order receipt up to the manufacturing process.

“Using the example of Wolf Group/Krimelte, I provided the participants with an overview of how our business team is working on the control of forecasting procurement needs, finding and evaluating suppliers, the availability of raw materials, transport and inspecting incoming goods,” said Tiit Arro.

The most important keywords in the procurement logistics are:

  • Purchasing need – how to find the components and raw materials needed for purchase, and determine the need for purchase;
  • Data – order forecasting, Big Data use, machine learning; 
  • Incoming quality control; 
  • Linking deliveries with real logistics; 
  • The need to centralise the price information and quantities of the material planned for purchase; 
  • Requirements for the composition and origin of the materials based on a batch.

The first hackathon will be held from 19 to 21 January in Tallinn. The goal is both to develop new solutions and find existing uses. “From the perspective of Wolf Group/Krimelte, we hope that the result of the hackathon will produce real possibilities to automate and optimise the processes,” said Tiit Arro.

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